Rufus Murry Jr


4/20/2012                                                                                                                                                             R.M.J.

                                                    Someone that at first is considered a gift to man although
                                              in this time and other,s is now considered a troublesome Burden
                                              them that they call the Female,the Woman.
                                                    Even now in this time , that problem linger,s, seemingly in 99%
                                              of a relationship, one of our main problem,s is our unmanned,male,s,
                                              Our manning selves we like that,male Motivation.
                                                    A woman is habitual,at motivating herself and male,s , most men
                                               fell to realize that, the strenght of a woman, and her technic,s of 
                                                    Woman, a conning, canniving, selfcentered, selfish individual, she
                                               demand,s Attention, and is habitual, in using her way,s , to gain that ,
                                               that attention.
                                                     Using her Femeninty way,s that she was taught to use to persu-
                                                     She is taught to walk the walk, taught to talk the talk to persu-
                                                 ade, him or them to do, her bidding.

                                                      She is The Suductress, The temptress, The FUNDLER,
                                                      She Is The SHE-OLD, The SHE-LO.
                                                     " Sacret To My Heart"

                                                   Written By: R.M.J



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