Dorsey Baker

An Age of Elderness

Clouds trying to deepen into darkness, skies trying to be covered with them. A grey haired ederly man slumps his tired
old body down upon a park bench in a city park, when a group of young people catch his attention!
A group of skimpily dressed young women and a group of young men with their shirts taken off.  They're showing off!
Showing themselves off, nearly naked!

The grey haired ederly man sees himself in them.  He sees himself in their showing off!
Young women showing off their curves!
Young men showing off their muscles!

"Being young is being foolish and showing off!" the grey haired old fella said.

And the grey haired elderly man  knows that he cannot disregard the years that time has piled up on him!
"I remember when I had to beg it to stay down!
 Now I beg it to stay up! But it has never obeyed me!"

This grey haired elderly man is now feeling his age of elderness!
A pill he must swallow!
A fate he must accept!


Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Dorsey Baker.
Publié sur sur 26.07.2012.


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