Rufus Murry Jr

The Love I Lost,Then Crib Death

5/11/2013                                                                                                                                                    Writtten By: R.M.J
                                                                                                                                                           Love And Romance

                                     The Love so sweet,and love so strong,then death came into our happy home,
                                at first I didnn,t understand,any of her wants although I knew she could love someone,
                                and that,s what I wanted. To never know what love is; it,s a feeling of happiness,ever
                                time we are near. Touching our body,s together ,as they say to will be as one,we cling 
                                togather as husband and wife. Just as some say that the mistake was to let others kn-
                                ow before you found or made a firm foundation.
                                      As I sit and reflect, I see now that,my mistake was to let others know  before you
                                found or made a firm foundation.  As I sit and reflection, I see now that , my mistake
                                was to listen to those who only had themselves in mind.  All they did was mix me up
                                , to the point of losing a love and a offspring.  That seemed to be a message to me,
                                that maybe there is no God or Christ, because they would recognized our Love and
                                 helped us to stay togather.
                                      Carolyn forgive me,for I was mislead and fell weak,I was not strong enough  or kn-
                                owledgeable enough, I was young and mislead, I seen your love and didn,t hold on to
                                it.  Love and didn,t hold on to it.
                                      I morn the death of our daughter.
                                      The Love I lost Through Crib death.
                                  I  will love you always.In Memory of Carolyn Long and Gwendolyn Long
                                  Written By: Mr.Rufus Murry Jr.


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