Ingrid E. Patrick

My Friend Ron

I’m kind of sensitive today,
feel the urge to ask my friends
if they’re okay.
I am afraid
that it’s too late
to tell them that I care.

One of my friends has gone away.
Will be laid to rest today.
My heart is heavy,
my heart is sad.
I try to recall the good times
we have had.
How happy we were.

I read the messages he has sent,
follow his tracks,
how he has spent
his days in life
with his kids and his wife.

Even though we were far apart
and of different nationality,
he opened up his heart
and shared his thoughts with me.

There was no sign, no warning
that all of us would be mourning
because this man, so special, so kind
would leave us here behind.

Listen to him say: “Hey –
I will watch your steps, night and day!
Let the music play!
I will be your star above
and send you all my love.”

Thank you, Ron,
for all the good things you have done.

© Patty Patrick
Radio St. Florian am Inn
June 3, 2013


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